A wide range of traditional as well as recent varieties can be found in our portfolio of products.

Golden Delicious

An apple with a very attractive yellowish-green colour and a soft skin. It has white flesh, is crunchy and has a sweet, not very tart taste. Ideal for baking in the oven, as it maintains its shape and flavour. It can also be eaten raw in salads. It can be bought all year round.

Granny smith

A bright green apple which can have pronounced whitish lenticels. It has a very round shape and its flesh is whitish, very crunchy and has a characteristic tart taste. Ideal for salads as well as cakes and tarts. Available from October to May.


A pale red on a greenish-yellow background. It has cream-coloured flesh, is very sweet, crunchy and juicy, highlighting the quality of the flavour of this variety. It is best eaten fresh, but it can also be used to make cakes and tarts or to bake in the oven. Available from October to April.

Red delicious

This is an apple that is almost entirely dark red. Its flesh is whitish and it has a sweet, very aromatic flavour. It is an apple that is mainly eaten raw. It is available from September to June.

Royal Gala

A very attractive red apple with streaks on a yellowish-green background. It is a round fruit with white flesh which is crunchy and sweet with a slightly tart touch, giving it a very well-balanced taste. Available from August to March.

Cripps Pink

This variety is easily recognized due to its two-tone colour consisting of pinky-red and pale green. It has a fine skin, its creamy coloured flesh is highly aromatic and it has a crunchy, juicy texture. Taste wise, it is a very balanced combination of sweetness and tartness. Available from November to May.


A high-quality pear that is greatly appreciated by consumers. It is medium sized and long. It has a thick, rough, greenish-yellow skin. When it is ripe, the flesh is soft and fine and very aromatic with a high content of water and an excellent taste. Available from August to June.


A kind of peach, with a smooth, fine, hairless skin. It has an attractive colour and a pleasant, slightly tart taste. It can be found from June to September.


A fruit with a velvety skin, the colour of its skin as well as the colour of the flesh can vary depending on the variety. It has a firm, juicy texture and a good quality taste. It can be found from June to September.